Supatret .04% Gel 20gm


Supatret 0.04 Gel 20gm (tretinoin) is a type of vitamin A that makes a difference in the skin renewal itself — it is utilized to cure skin acne and decrease the presence of almost negligible fine lines and kinks, skin discolouration and increment skin perfection. It is manufactured by Sun Pharmaceutical industries ltd. Tretinoin is the treatment of decision for skin inflammation, whiteheads also, and clogged pores. It works by expanding skin cell turnover, advancing the expulsion of the connected material in the follicle. It additionally prevents the arrangement of new comedones. What makes this tretinoin gel not the same as other tretinoin items are the plan it arrives in: a microsphere gel. It implies the metabolic activity of the tretinoin is time-delivered, which, thus, will yield more likely results over a more extended time and decrease undesirable side effects like dryness and irritation.

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  • It is used to treat skin acne, which shows up as spots or pimples all over the chest or back.
  • It additionally helps with smoothing unpleasant facial skin and decreasing fine wrinkles on the skin.


How to use


  • Apply Supatret 0.04% 20gm Gel to the impacted region as taught by your specialist. Attempt not to utilize more than the suggested amount. Utilize this medication for the prescribed term to get the greatest advantages.
  • Try not to utilize some other effective medication on a similar region no less than one hour before or after using Supatret 0.04% Gel.
  • This medication might create a stinging feeling or a sensation of warmth when you initially begin utilizing it. Inform your primary care physician if these side effects continue.
  • Avoid exposure to daylight while using this medication, as it makes your skin more sensitive to sunlight. Use defensive measures like sunscreen or protective clothing before going out in the sun.
  • Keep away from face waxing and laser treatment while involving this medication, as it might make your skin more fragile.




Utilize the Supatret 0.04% just under the guidance of a clinical specialist. Measurements change or complete aversion of the prescription might be expected in the accompanying circumstances:


  • Try not to utilize this Gel if you are pregnant or want to become pregnant because it isn’t known regardless of whether this medication might influence an unborn.
  • Try not to utilize this medication if you are a nursing mother since it isn’t known, regardless of whether this medication might pass into bosom milk.


Side effects


  • Dry skin
  • Scaling or stripping of the skin
  • Burning sensation on the skin
  • Redness of the skin

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