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Asthalin Respules contains salbutamol and has a place with a gathering of remedies called effective bronchodilators or relievers. It is manufactured by Cipla Ltd. It treats asthma symptoms and constant obstructive pneumonic diseases (COPD) like coughing, wheezing, and shortness of breath.

It is known as a reliever inhaler since they give you fast help from breathing issues when you want it. As a rule, you will be given one more inhaler to prevent your side effects, and you should utilize this routinely and consistently. It functions quickly, and the consequences can last a few hours.

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  • It helps indicate relief and anticipation of bronchospasm (restricted bronchi and hindrance compression of bronchial smooth muscle) caused by asthma, persistent bronchitis, and reversible obstructive airway sickness.
  • It likewise treats exercise-actuated bronchospasm and different elements known to initiate bronchospasm. In any case, the goals referenced here are not exhaustive. There might be different circumstances for which this remedy might be utilized at a specialist’s discretion.


How to use


  • Use Asthalin respules precisely according to suggestions from your doctor.
  • Cautiously read the guidelines for utilizing nebulizers from the leaflet accompanying the nebulizer.
  • Try not to quit taking Asthalin without speaking with your specialist, regardless of whether you feel better after taking a couple of portions.
  • Rinse your mouth after each utilization to prevent fungal contamination and clean up your face to stay away from any facial aggravation.
  • Clean the nebulizer after each utilization according to the guidelines referenced.




  • Inform the specialist regarding the prescriptions, enhancements, or herbals you take or could take to avoid possible association.
  • If you have missed any portion, consume it when you remember. If it is the ideal opportunity for the next portion, avoid the missed portion and proceed with your normal dosing plan.
  • It should be taken consistently to aid with keeping the airways open consistently.
  • Your specialist may consistently monitor your blood potassium levels. Consult your specialist if you notice muscle jolting, weakness, or an irregular heartbeat.
  • Consult your specialist if you have a past filled with heart sicknesses or, on the other hand, if you experience headaches or chest torment.
  • Try to stop smoking.
  • It should not be infused or gulped.
  • Counsel the specialist if you are pregnant.


Side effects


  • Anxiety
  • Sweating
  • Headache
  • Tremor
  • Dazedness

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