Acivir Cream 10gm


Acivir Cream 5gm contains Acyclovir which has a place with the gathering of remedies called antiviral specialists. Cipla Ltd manufactures it. It is utilized for the skin treatment of mouth blisters and genital contaminations in grown-ups and young people matured over 12 years. Mouth blisters are viral diseases brought about by herpes simplex infection around the line of the lips. It is characterized by grouped; little, liquid-filled, agonizing rankles around the oral cavity. Genital herpes is a physically sent viral contamination brought about by herpes simplex infection, characterized by genital torment, injuries, ulcers, and scabs. Acyclovir works by killing or halting the development and duplication of infections that cause mouth blisters or genital herpes.

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  • This medication treats mouth blisters brought about by herpes simplex infection, chickenpox, and shingles.
  • It is likewise used to treat or prevent genital herpes, for the most part, the recurrent flare-ups of the illness.


How to use


Clean up before application. Apply a thin layer of this medication to the impacted region five times daily or as your doctor coordinates. Space every application with four hours stretches. It is for external utilization only. It should not be utilized in the mouth, eyes, or vagina. Clean up thoroughly after every application. Your doctor will conclude the right portion and length of treatment for you, relying on your age, body weight, and kind of disease. Keep on taking this medication, as long as your doctor advises you to do as such to get improved results.




  • It might cause sun-related burns effectively; stay away from exposure to daylight or wear appropriate clothes.
  • Caution should be practiced in patients with a history of kidney sickness, or any sensitivity, during pregnancy and breastfeeding.
  • It might prompt dehydration, hydrate, or fluid.
  • It might cause dazedness, tiredness, or instability; don’t drive a vehicle or work hardware while taking this prescription.
  • After applying this remedy, clean up your hands thoroughly to prevent the passage of contamination to other people.
  • Stay away from intercourse or use safety to prevent the spread of infection.


Side effects


  • Hypersensitive Responses
  • Bothersome Skin Rashes
  • Itching
  • Redness
  • Swelling
  • Burning

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