Caverta 100mg Tablet- Is it Suitable For ED Treatment?

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It happens when a guy cannot maintain or achieve an erection that is strong enough for sexual activity. Erectile dysfunction may indicate a medical or mental issue. Stress, strained relationships, and a lack of confidence may result from it. Prior to treatment for erectile dysfunction, patients should be examined for any underlying medical and psychological issues. It is possible to administer medication and supportive equipment, like pumps, if treating the underlying issues is ineffective.

Erectile dysfunction and other issues relating to male sexual function are treated with Caverta 100 mg tablet. Sildenafil is the drug’s active component. In order to help a man achieve and maintain an erection and improve sexual activity, it is typically utilized to boost the circulation of blood.

Alcohol should only be consumed in moderation as it might have negative effects like weariness, dizziness, and fainting. If you have had heart surgery or a bypass within the last six months and are a cardiovascular patient, you must consult your physician before starting this medication. Additionally, those with kidney and liver conditions need to exercise caution. It is advisable to use this medication if your blood pressure is erratic because it directly affects blood flow.

What applications does Caverta 100 MG Tablet serve?


The following health issues in the human body are helped by this medication:

  • Erection problems

One may experience any of the following negative effects:

  • Headache
  • Flushing
  • Stomach Pain
  • Muscle Pain


Most Frequently Asked Questions About Caverta 100 MG Tablet


How long does the impact last?

The drug’s effects continue for around 4 hours after use. It shouldn’t last longer than five hours; if it does, you should see a doctor.

When does action begin?

The drug must be consumed sixty minutes in advance of sexual intercourse for safety. The onset of action begins thirty minutes after ingestion, and peak performance is witnessed within an hour. Viagra only improves blood flow to the genitals; it does not cause an erection.

Are there any pregnancy-related cautions?

Pregnant women are not allowed to take this drug.

Does it become a habit?

The substance is usually safe to consume and is not known to have habit-forming properties.

Are there any cautions about breastfeeding?

Women are not given this medicine.

Is alcohol safe with it?

Alcohol is not advised since it interacts with the medicine and has severe negative effects, as was already indicated. You can limit your alcohol consumption or, if at all feasible, stay away from it.

Is driving safe while taking this medication?

Driving should be avoided when taking this drug because some of the negative effects include light sensitivity, headaches, and dizziness.

How does this affect the kidneys?

It is not advised for anyone with kidney disease or other renal issues to take this drug since it may change how the kidneys operate.

Does this impact how the liver works?

Patients with liver issues shouldn’t take this drug because it can cause other problems. Inquire with your physician if you have any questions.

What is the 100 MG Caverta Tablet?

Sildenafil is one of Caverta’s active ingredients. This medication works by enhancing the blood flow to particular bodily regions.

What applications do Caverta 100 MG Tablets have?

Caverta 100 price is affordable for everyone and is used to treat and prevent disorders like pulmonary arterial hypertension and sexual dysfunction as well as their symptoms.

What are the Caverta 100 MG Tablet Side Effects?

A headache, impaired vision, muscle soreness, etc. are examples of side effects.

What are the Caverta 100 MG Tablet storage and disposal guidelines?

The 100 mg Caverta pill is to be kept at room temp, away from direct sunlight sources and bright lights. Keep it out of children’s and animals’ reach.

Recommendations for dosage

Are there any instructions for missing doses?

The main guideline is that one shouldn’t take over one tablet each day; nevertheless, there is no set dose or method for taking a dose.

Are there any instructions for an overdose?

Talk to a physician and your local emergency hospital if there is any overdose and there are signs like breathing difficulties or if the individual has fainted.

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