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HAIR 4U 2% lotion contains a mix of Minoxidil and Aminexil effective Solution, which has a place with a gathering of medication called vasodilators. It is utilized to treat normal hereditary hairlessness (a condition called alopecia androgenetica). Glenmark Pharmaceuticals Ltd manufactures it. It follows up on the scalp to help hair directly on the bald area. It should be just applied directly to the scalp area. Minoxidil is a vasodilator that extends veins and further develops the bloodstream to hair follicles. It diminishes going bald and advances regrowth, bringing about hair that is longer, thicker, and more varied. Aminexil represses a chemical that causes a protein (collagen) to grow around hair follicles, causing baldness. It works by further developing a bloodstream to the hair follicles, preventing going bald and invigorating regrowth, bringing about hair that is longer, thicker, and more various.

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  • Hair 4U 2% lotion protects against diminishing hair, rough hair, and split ends and carries back the sheen to your hair by invigorating your hair normally.
  • It is additionally a powerful lotion for going bald.
  • It aids with keeping your actual hair healthy by working on the strength and flexible nature of the hair shaft.
  • Hair 4U lotion aids with carrying back the shine to rough and dry hair.
  • To reinforce the scalp, further develop blood flow, and advance hair development. Niacinamide is available among the elements of Hair 4U cleanser, with Vitamin E as a healthy internal agent.


How to use 


Use Hair 4U in the label’s portion and length recommended by your specialist. Clean and dry your head before utilizing it. It should be before you notice any hair development. The main development could be soft, dull, and scarcely visible. Use it in the specific portion and term as recommended by your specialist. Utilizing more than suggested won’t accelerate hair development and may improve the probability of side effects. Use it however long the specialist has endorsed to maintain proper hair growth. Tell your primary care physician if your condition doesn’t further enhance after utilizing it for 4 to a half year. This medication is to be utilized simply by men and not demonstrated in ladies.




  • Get it away from kids.
  • Store it away from sunlight.
  • Keep away from contact with the eyes. This lotion 
  • is for external use only.
  • Try not to utilize this lotion 
  • If you are oversensitive to any fixings.


Side effects


  • Irritation
  • Itching
  • Headache

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