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Five Alternatives To ED Medications For Treating Erectile Dysfunction

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Generally speaking, what occurs in the bedroom remains in the bedroom, with the obvious exception of when everything isn’t working well. The most frequent sexual health issue that men express to their doctor is erectile dysfunction (ED). Men are typically given oral medications like sildigra 100 mg tablets or closely related substitutes, according to research.

Oral drugs don’t have to be used exclusively to treat ED because they can have unpleasant side effects. It’s also risky for certain men to take these meds, such as those who have serious heart disease/heart collapse, low blood pressure, or who take nitrate treatments for chest discomfort. Finally, some men frequently experience complete failure of these drugs.

“However, there are a number of alternative treatments for ED.

There are five ED treatments that don’t involve using pills.

We are here to outline your options if you’re a man who doesn’t want to or can’t take a pill.

1. VED (Vacuum Erection Device) 

A VED, also known as a penile pump, draws blood manually into your penis via suction. A tension ring is dropped onto the bottom of the penis once the erection has been achieved. This aids in erection maintenance for around 30 minutes.

“Although the idea of using suction and ring compression to obtain and sustain erections does not appeal to many men, it is a proven option that helps many couples regain erection function without the need of medication.

A penile pump’s negative effects typically involve:

  • minor bruises
  • limits on ejaculation
  • When used for a long time, the penis feels cold to the touch.

2. Replacement of testosterone

Persistent cardiovascular diseases or transient stress disorders that restrict blood flow to the penis are typical causes of ED. However, insufficient testosterone can also be a factor in problems getting and keeping an erection. Your physician can assist you in determining whether commencing testosterone medication may help ease your ED symptoms and whether your testosterone levels have dropped.

Although testosterone replacement therapy is not advised as a first-line, stand-alone treatment for ED, based on your particular symptom pattern, your doctor might suggest it or try it in conjunction with some other ED treatment method.

3. Urethral suppository

A tiny medication pellet is inserted into the penis during intraurethral treatment.

An erection can develop with this therapy in as little as 10 minutes, and it can remain for up to 60 minutes after that. However, employing a urethral suppository may have unwanted side effects, such as a burning feeling or very slight penile bleeding.

4. Penile injections 

Penile injections use a medication that effectively enhances penile blood flow compared to the oral alternatives, despite being a universally terrifying concept. A little needle is used to administer the medication at the bottom of the penis. Of course, this is actually a self-injection, even though we often instruct patients on proper technique and administer the initial injection in the clinic.

This medication’s side effects include:

  • little bleeding or soreness at the treated area
  • long-lasting, maybe unwanted erections
  • Long-term users of this therapy are more likely to experience the formation of scar tissue inside the deeper tissues of the penis.

5. Penile implant

A 30- to 45-minute surgical operation is required for a penile implant, which inserts a water-based gadget into the penis’ erection chambers and gives you reliable control over exactly when and how far an erection seems to last.This is the ED treatment approach that comes closest to a recovery.

“Since a penile implant does require a brief surgical operation, if you’re ready to or able to do so can influence whether it’s the best choice for you.

More than 90% of men and their mates say they are really satisfied with the implants they do choose. If you are not ready for such treatments, you can buy sildigra 100 mg after consulting your doctor.

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