Nuvaring 2.7mg/ 11.2mg

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Nuvaring 2.7mg/ 11.2mg

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NuvaRing is essentially a female contraceptive item which prevents pregnancy. It contains female hormones such as ethinyl estradiol and etonogestrel. These two hormones prevent the ovary from releasing an egg whereby chances of pregnancy diminish considerably. It also brings about changes in the uterine lining as well as in the cervical mucus, which make it very difficult for sperms to actually reach the uterus or an egg, thus again making it very difficult to get pregnant.

Essentially, when it comes to preventing pregnancy and working as a potent contraceptive device, NuvaRing is perhaps one of the very best that you are likely to find in the market at the moment.

Important Information:

A lot of caution needs to be exercised while using NuvaRing. In particular, there are many folks for whom NuvaRing may not be the most ideal option. These include:

  • Those with diabetes, which may have led to problems in the liver, eyes, kidneys, and so on
  • If you are 35+ and a smoker
  • If you have had jaundice that was a result of birth control pills
  • Have had heart attacks or strokes in the past, or suffer from uncontrolled blood pressure
  • Suffer from migraine headaches
  • Have had frequent instances of irregular vaginal bleeding
  • Have had uterine or breast cancer
  • Suffer from – or have suffered from (in the past) any blood clot disorders
  • Have circulatory problems

Moreover, it is ideal that you adopt a backup contraceptive method as well. Simply using NuvaRing may not be enough, especially in the initial stages. At the same time, avoid using a diaphragm.

Then when it comes to other prescription medications you might be taking, remember to take them exactly as instructed by the doctor.

Finally, bear in mind that if you are 35+ and smoke, you do carry sufficient risks with regard to the possibility of strokes, heart attacks, blood clots, if you use NuvaRing.


With NuvaRing there is always the chance of birth defects therefore it is not advised if you are pregnant. Also once you have delivered, wait for at least 4 weeks before you start using NuvaRing.

It is just as important that your doctor knows about your medical history, especially with regard to health issues you may have had such as tuberculosis, irritation in the vagina, prolonged and severe constipation, any seizures or convulsions, odd menstrual cycles, fibroids or lumps in the breasts as well as a mammogram which may have been out of the norm.


When it comes to directions for using NuvaRing it is important that you stick to your doctor’s advice. This especially includes using it exactly as the doctor has instructed as well as for the duration as has been prescribed to you.

Then the doctor will advise on the day of your menstrual cycle when NuvaRing can be used. Ideally, for the first 7 days use a backup contraceptive like a condom on your partner, while avoiding a Diaphragm. Then for 3 weeks, once inserted, do not touch the ring. After 3 weeks, remove the ring on the same day of the week that you inserted it and ideally at the same time. Let a week pass without inserting a ring. By now a new menstrual cycle would have commenced whereby you can put in a fresh ring and repeat the entire process.

Remember to keep the ring inside at all times and not only when you are having it will continue to do its job at all times, while not doing so might mean that you could still end up getting pregnant. Also bear in mind that the whole timing of insertion of the ring as well as its insertion plays an instrumental role in preventing pregnancy. Just in case you are not very comfortable having it on during , you can remove it but put it back on after rinsing it in hot water. The ring should not be out for more than 3 hours though.

Store any fresh NuvaRing with you carefully in a cool dry place away from children and anyone else who could misuse. Also dispose it carefully; avoid flushing it in the toilet.

Missing a Dose:

If it falls out within the first 3 weeks, you can put it back in after rinsing in hot water. If it comes onto the lower part of the vagina, you can simply push it back in. Obviously if you lose it get a new one.

The precautions to take for it to be effective as a birth control device are that it should not be out for more than 3 hours continuously and that you must use an alternative birth control method like a condom, for the first 7 days that you use NuvaRing.


  • Avoid using a Diaphragm if you are using NuvaRing
  • Practice safe ; NuvaRing will not protect you from ual diseases
  • Smoking carries additional risks in the form of possibilities of strokes and heart attacks, so if you can give up smoking if you plan to use NuvaRing, it would be ideal
Side Effects:

Swelling in the limbs, cough, chest pain, wheezing, nausea, itching sensation, loss of appetite, imbalanced body, severe prolonged headache, dark urine, heaviness in the chest, mood swings, impaired vision or speech…these are all possible side effects of using NuvaRing. Remember there could be other side effects also. If you notice anything out of the norm, consult your doctor without delay. Do not under any circumstances take the occurrence of any particular side effect or something untoward, lightly – it could be serious, so it is best that you consult your doctor at the earliest.

Reaction with other Medications 

Using NuvaRing while using other medications could possibly lead to all kinds of reactions. Therefore it is advised that you exercise a lot of caution while using the ring with other medicines, which could include:

  • HIV medications such as tipranavir or saquinavir
  • Barbiturates like butabarbital, amobarbital, or mephobarbital
  • Medications for seizures like oxcarbazepine, carbamazepine, phenytoin or felbamate
  • Medicines like rifampin, acetaminophen, among others

This is by no means a comprehensive listing. There are other medications which could interfere with the way NuvaRing works. Therefore, no matter what medications you are already taking – or planning to take while also using NuvaRing, it is strongly advisable that you consult your doctor first. You can then be guided on the best course of action, going forward, including whether or not it would be suitable for you to take NuvaRing in the first place.

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US Brand Name Nuvaring
Generic Name Etonogestrel - ethinyl estradiol
PharmaceuticalForm Ring/s