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Modawake from alldaypill is a perfect medication to handle the sleep disorders. The manufacturer of this medication is Hab Pharmaceuticals . It comprises of Modafinil 200 mg. This constituent works by escalating wakefulness in patients who have irregular sleep patterns. It also works most excellent for patients who are very sleepy.

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Uses of Modvifil 200 Mg


There are also a variety of illnesses for which this medication functions. Some of them are as under:


  • Narcolepsy
  • Also, obstructive Sleep Apnea
  • Shift Work Sleep Disorder


Sleep disorder occur in individuals who dont have a proper sleep cycle. It is very common in individuals who are awake due to work. Modawake assists individuals to stay up at the time of emergency in case there are deadlines. This medication also assists the patients in getting free of sleep.


How does this medication work?   


Modawake functions by managing wakefulness in patients who feel too much sleepiness. This medication functions by managing the brain in a way that promotes wakefulness in patients. It works by growing the quantity of dopamine in the brain of a person. This increases the vigour of a person.


How to take this medication?


  • The dosage of the Modawake medication that one should consume in a day is 200mg
  • One can take 200mg dosage with water.
  • Consume the medication in the morning or one hour prior to work.


Necessary precautions    


  • This Modawake medication is not for women who are pregnant or also women who are breastfeeding 
  • This medication requires a person to not engage in activities that necessitate high mental alertness. Don’t drive any vehicle while being on this medication.
  • Avoid consuming alcohol while taking this Modawake medication as it tends to increase the side effects 
  • Don’t take grapefruit juice with this medication


Side effects of the medication


  • Headache
  • Nervousness
  • Drowsiness and
  • Also, Dizziness