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Climax Spray from alldaypill is a lubricant that helps to delay the process of ejaculation in males. The manufacturer of this spray is Care Pharmaceuticals. This spray handles the problem of Early ejaculation in males. Thus, this spray helps to offer men with great sense of pleasure during the duration of sensual relation. This spray has no odor as well as it has no color.

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Benefits of this medication


  • Reduces sensitivity of the male part
  • Increases the time of ejaculation


Premature ejaculation is a very common illness in men. It is when a man can get an erection but fails to maintain it for a long time due to early climax. Climax Spray helps men to handle this trouble at a very low prices.


How does this medication work?   


Climax Spray helps men to last a little longer during the duration of sensual contact. This medication helps to delay climax so that sensual relation takes place for a long time. Men are able to perform well with the help of this spray.


How to use this medication?


  • Climax Spray bottle must be shaken before usage
  • While spraying hold the Climax Spray a little away from the male organ.
  • One must use the spray few minutes before the sensual relation.
  • One can wash the male organ after the sensual contact


Necessary precautions     


  • One can make a spray to test the reaction of one’s skin to the product. If you observe any kind of unwanted reaction to spray then you must avoid the usage of this spray.
  • Climax Spray should be avoided if you suffer from any kind of heart conditions or also liver damage
  • This dosage should be used in an appropriate amount.
  • Over usage of the spray must be avoided.


Side effects of the medication


This spray is safe for use in men but any kind of over usage may result in side-effects:


  • Male part may become numb
  • A little sensation of burning

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