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Botox 100
Botox 100IU (100 units) provides a variety of different cosmetic uses
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Botox 100IU (100 units) provides a variety of different cosmetic uses. While many people utilize Botox injections for cosmetic purposes to change their appearance or repair damage from an accident – it has also been used to alleviate back pain, spasms and certain cases of cervical dysfunction. How to Use Botox Botox 100IU injections are recommended every six to nine months after the initial treatment to ensure consistency. When you buy Botox wholesale it makes it easier to provide patients with the necessary injections without interruption. Storing Botox 100IU (100 units) varies upon use of the product. Studies have shown that once a Botox application has been reconstituted that it must be refrigerated at all times. However, studies have also shown that before reconstitution, Botox applications can be stored at room temperature without damage. For this reason, medical professionals prefer to buy Botox online at wholesale prices, keeping it stored on site at their facilities for easy access and continued use.