Anti Spam Policy

Why was I spammed at my e-mail address?

Identifying Fraudulent "phishing" email

Keeping vigil on spam

Spam, junk or bulk emails are nearly identical mails that are usually sent to different persons through an email. The unsolicited emails can harm your computer or steal your personal data for use by criminals.

As a company, we speak out against spam and we will never send you any spam mail. In the event that you are getting spam messages from any party that pretends to be associated with us, kindly install spam filters. Some of the best include:

The price plan for Postini ranges from $3 to $35. We will do everything that we can to ensure that you are safe from spam, including giving you free medication for the same amount the next time you make a purchase from us. All you have to do is to provide the information when making your order by sending us an email at


Tips to help you fight spam

The following are suggestions that will help you fight off spam without much of an effort

  1. Everyone is a suspect – A lot of the spam mail comes from persons who are eager to make a sale. Besides those however, there are spammers like the ones who send you an email about their rich uncles who just died in Sierra Leone. As a rule, never respond to such mail. Do not even hit unsubscribe because this will only alert them that your email is active.
  2. Keep off Porn – When you keep off porn, chances are high that you will not have too much spam to worry about. Besides that however, just log into your email, go to settings and follow the instructions.
  3. Beware of Spam – All internet service providers today have a spam blocker. If yours does not have one, it might be time you found another one. Look for a spam filter and you will be safe.
  4. Become anonymous – there is no need for you to have your information strewn all over the internet. It might be time you stopped using listings and large directory services. You do not need the exposure really; someone will just grab your address and spam you.
  5. Use digital encryption – Proceed with care when sending sensitive messages. Ensure that your computer has a program that encrypts digital content. However, a lot of the email services today encrypt all data as an industry standard.
  6. Compress attachments – Make sure that you compress all your important attachments through WinZip, and remember to protect them with a password. You can also download it at
  7. Use cookies appropriately – Cookies are only good is you use them on websites that you frequent, and you do not wish to keep filling in your information from time to time. Avoid all cookie reminders that are sent to you through email.
  8. Keep your stuff to yourself – You should always “Clear History” before you stop using any computer. This way you can stop any users after you from having access to the information on your computer.
  9. Do not access personal information at work – Always remember that anything shared on the internet at work is being monitored by the IT department. Therefore avoid accessing personal information on the office network.
  10. Update your Antivirus – It does not matter which antivirus you are using, it will cost you a lot less to keep it updated compared to having your computer fried because of a virus attack.

Most importantly, you should never leave your email logged on in an unoccupied desk especially at work.